Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Phones Nigerian used and why


Back on  On Jun 01 2018, I asked on Nairaland "hello, Nairalanders, which mobile phone are you using and why are you still using the phone. I need your comment as I want to drop this on my blog ( will tagging this thread."  and I got various replies.

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by Benjaniblinks(m): 9:53am On Jun 01
Na Itel 500 No Money
by donbenie(m): 10:06am On Jun 01
Nexus 6,old but reliable..hoping to upgrade though..
by Opistorincos(m): 2:34pm On Jun 01
Nokia 5 cos I wanted to experience what stock android feels like
by ib4real95(m): 4:42pm On Jun 01
Iphone 6s.. I love the speed and reliability but the battery life is just meeh
 henry007(m): 4:47pm On Jun 01
iPhone X coz it's my Vlogging camera and I use a macbook so it syncs well.
by johnnyholtby(m): 5:22pm On Jun 01 has it all..killer battery.. insane camera..qhd+ display...IP68 protection... 
aesthetics and short it has all the bells and whistles
by TheUbermensch6:02pm On Jun 01
Nokia 2.
Didn't have enough money.
by Ejadike(m): 6:20pm On Jun 01
TECNO Camon X. Just upgraded recently to this device cos of it's awesomeness 
and affordability. 
The battery is wow as well.
by djchukwy(m): 6:43pm On Jun 01
Samsung s8plus,

I was using s6edge plus and it was stolen at gun point

I didn't want to let go because it's kinda expensive for me but the guys were
 ready to shoot so my inner being told me to let go

5 weeks later , I got myself s8+, how the money came through is still a mystery to me

Moral over everything, once there is life, there is hope..
by Jaymaxxy(m): 10:12pm On Jun 01
Nokia 6. Because I needed a lag-free experience on my phone.
by Anigreat11:05pm On Jun 01
 by OVA200(m): 8:36am On Jun 03
I am using Tecno W2 I like the phone because it hang from time to time 
and that allow me to think about my life and it also save my data.
by olypharm9:43am On Jun 03
Gionee m6 marathon with transparent casing
by obojememe1:41pm On Jun 03
iphone 6s..,i just love the apple brand
by simple2503:01pm On Jun 03
Blackberry Q10 tongue

If you quote me. Buhari will fall on you kiss
by Cannonleo(m): 5:21pm On Jun 03
HTC M7, s-offed, custom recovery with viper venom 9.0.0 rom installed, 
and other line of Roms downloaded on my PC waiting for when am bored.

HTC gives me the ability to play around with my device with freedom 
and overcome major issues peculiar to it eg Battery life.

Customization is the reason
 by kvngjesse(m): 3:27am On Jun 05
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus!!
My new main!!
God bless you Gptech
by bravesoul247(m): 6:10am On Jun 05
TECNO K7. The phone is quite good and budget friendly
by Abiodunspectre(f): 8:57pm On Jun 05
Tecno Camon X Pro
Noce camera , battery and display

for more details, check:


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    1. That's fantastic. Enjoy your device bro



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